Saturday, 18 February 2017

Link Summoning: The Top 8 Decks

In this post, I'll be breaking down how the new rules will affect the current Top 8 decks in the TCG.
This is the continuation from my discussion of the new Link Summoning rules, found here.


If Pendulum monsters being summoned from the Extra Deck don’t need the specific zones, Metalfoes will only be able to control one Fusion monster. If they do need Linked zones however, as Link Monsters require the player to send the materials to the graveyard, in current rules Pendulum monsters can’t be used as materials & the deck won’t be able to Pendulum summon their monsters back after fusing them.


Even if Zoodiacs keep Ratpier at 3, they wont be able to call out a Link Monster when they already control an Xyz Monster as the zone will be used. Otherwise, through the use of Ratpier & Lyca they would have easily been able to summon one. This makes Ratpier useless in their deck unless they can summon a Link Monster first, which if stopped can kill the decks plays.


Infernoid usually only ever summon one monster from the Extra Deck: Lord Omega. Since Omega can remove himself from the field, they can free up the Extra Deck Zone for other monsters & essentially bypass the new restriction (unless Omega needs to return to that zone). The bulk of their power comes from summoning their Main Deck monsters, and aren’t reliant on their Extra Deck to win duels.


ABC monsters gain their effects when sent from the field to the graveyard. Xyz materials being detached wouldn’t trigger their effects, but sending for a Link Monster will. Even without a Link Monster, the deck only requires one Buster Dragon to be on the field at a time. And if the deck ever needs the slot again, Buster Dragon can tribute himself for 3 level 4 monsters that all share the same type & attribute.

5th Place decks:


Without summoning a Link monster, Paleozoics can work with just their boss monster on the field. All of them sharing the same type, attribute, and level however (like ABCs) will make it easier for them to summon a Link Monster (though this will result in them banishing themselves, which may conflict with the rules).


DDDs will turn into a big beater deck unless they can summon a Link Monster. With resources being tight for the better combos, they will need good hands to open well turn 1.


Unlike DDDs however, Blue-Eyes have all their big beaters in the main deck. Without a Link Monster, this deck can still beatdown the opponent while controlling a Spirit Dragon / Azure-Eyes / Rank 8 in the Extra Zone. There’ll be less control but the power of the deck won't change.

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